DirectingTitan is believed to hail from the wretched hive of scum & villainy otherwise known as New Jersey. This page is under construction. So there.

Originally, my content had a home at Dick Chang’s “Dick’s Favorite Blog.” I will always be grateful to Dick for the opportunity and advice. While there, I got a lot of experience watching movies and trying to hone my writing style. Eventually, life gets in the way and my hobby fell to the wayside.

Enter 2018. I have the writing bug again, and this time I’m striking off on my own.

For now, at least, I’ll be discussing movies. These may be films you’ve seen and enjoyed countless times before, or they may be ones that you never knew existed. Interested in my take on a certain movie? Drop me a line and I’ll check it out if I can.

It is my hope that these posts give you a new perspective and lease on life.

More realistically, you’ll probably just curse my name and wish for the past 5 minutes of your life back. But at least I have your page view. Please exit through the gift shop.